Multiple Beam Optics

In order to create a weld or solder joint, various approaches can be used.

The most versatile but low volume method is the single point attachment. Either the focusing optics or the device are moved perpendicular to the incident beam to reach the respective position.

This method is well suited for process development and feasibility.

For the welding joint, large energy and a short time interval of several milliseconds are required. Therefore, XY scanners offer a possibility to deviate the beam fast from one position to the other. A working area of 50 mm to 1mm edge length can be realized.
Multiple Beam Optics are of advantage when various spots have to be repeatedly set in a fixed geometry. This method avoids tombstone effects in welding or soldering joints. This happens for a single beam, when one side of the component is attached and starts tilting.

For soldering procedures, the process times can be cut tremendously. The soldering takes at least a second to melt the solder material evenly and the power level is substantially lower compared to welding. This means that the beam can be split into various spots.

The Multi Beam Optics used by nanosystec split the beam into various spots which can have different energy distribution in order to adapt it perfectly to the requirements of the device. This method ist the superior choice for high-volume selective laser soldering.





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