Cartridge Concept

The devices will be placed into a device specific cartridge. These cartridges use a generic machine interface in the nanosystec workstation. Depending on the manufacturing process, the cartridge may contain one or several sets of components.

The loading procedure of the cartridges takes place outside of the system in order to minimize the core process time. With two or more cartridges, the system achieves optimum utilization. Also different device types are easily accomodated.

Identification tags call relevant parameters and processes. In this way, no further human intervention is needed and all manufacturing steps are executed automatically.

The cartridge concept is an elegant way to handle optical components with fiber pigtail. As the fibers can be coiled and being protected, there is less risk of damage.

Using a stop motion conveyor belt leads to full automation of the production process. The nanosystec workstation is then seamlessly integrated into a production chain.





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