To achieve maximum performance, we combine advanced software and hardware to build up our production solutions. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians provides all key functions in house. This includes electrical and mechnical design as well as process development.



OptoSpin combines the advantages of high active alignment accuracy with the fast speed of passive processes.



The diminutiveness of the parts and the request for forceless measurement favor non-contact or low-force methods.

Precision Mechanics


High-precision mechanics allow micro attachment procedures in the sub micrometer regime.Our stations are equipped with industrial grade motion systems of best mechanical accuracy.

Cartridge Concept


The devices will be placed into a device specific cartridge. These cartridges use a generic machine interface in the nanosystec workstation. Depending on the manufacturing process, the cartridge may contain one or several sets of components.

Process Software


The TestMaster process software is a versatile process development and production tool. It combines a large number of functions and devices which can interact with the system directly or via a sequence editor to run fully automated processes.

Multiple Beam Optics


In order to create a weld or solder joint, various approaches can be used.

The most versatile but low volume method is the single point attachment. Either the focusing optics or the device are moved perpendicular to the incident beam to reach the respective position.





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