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Laser Welding

Low weld shift and ultra-precise positioning are key features for the NanoWeld and VersaWeld alignment and laser welding stations.

On the NanoWeld stations, an optical fiber or a receptacle is actively positioned versus a laser diode, a solid-state laser or a high-speed photodiode. These devices require assembly in the sub-micrometer-range.

The VersaWeld stations are used for the precision laser welding of metals.

The versatile cartridge concept allows to produce different devices on the same station without any set-up times when changing from one device to another.

With the TestMaster process software, process development and true volume production can be performed easily. Machine vision capability allows full process automation.

Precise mechanical manufacturing gives our system built-in references in order to minimize the complexity of the production procedures and reduce production cycles.

Further general applications include the hermetic laser sealing of microwave and optoelectronics packages as well as the welding of miniature electrical devices. This can be combined with pick and place functions.

The adjustment of the devices to each other can be performed with active or passive alignment. In case of active alignment, ultrafast routines cut process times to a minimum.

The NanoWeld stations can be integrated into production lines. Standard interfaces such as SMEMA are used to communicate with forerunning and following third-party systems.





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