Laser Soldering

Selective laser soldering is an ideal complement to standard reflow processes for all components which have to be attached after the reflow process. Another important field of application is the hermetic sealing of ceramic packages which contain heat-sensitive components.

The NanoRapid system introduce the heat very locally only on the solder material (paste, preform or wire). The applied energy can be controlled extremely precise to create a large process window.

Depending on the components to be attached, spot diameters of the solder joint can be millimeters down to the range of several 10 micrometers.

A key technology to increase throughput and avoid tombstone effects is the multiple beam optics.

The versatile cartridge concept allows to produce different devices on the same station without any set-up times when changing from one device to another.

With the TestMaster process software, process development and true volume production can be performed easily. Machine vision capability allows full process automation.

NanoRapid and Rapido can be integrated into production lines. Standard interfaces are used to communicate with forerunning and following third-party systems.





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