11 Juni 2019

CIOE Shenzhen

4. - 7. September 2019, Stand 1A13-6

Auf der CIOE präsentiert nanosystec mit NanoWeld ein System zum Mikrofügen optoelektronischer Komponenten. Außerdem stellt nanosystec seine Linie an hochgenauen Füge- und Positioniersystemen vor.

Precise Alignment and Placement with NanoGlue

The NanoGlue Alignment and Gluing Station aligns actively or passively with high precision and short process times. It handles various types of optical, electronic and mechanical parts. The active alignment uses any feedback signal while passive placement is performed via machine vision to recognize the part’s location in space. The attachment is automatically performed by epoxy gluing and subsequent UV or thermal curing. Alternatively, nanosystec offers laser soldering as an assembly method. Several complex process steps can be integrated into one system with a small footprint of approximately 1.5 m².

Ultrafast Optical Alignment with OptoSpin

OptoSpin brings an additional level of throughput to optoelectronic device packaging. This new development of nanosystec reduces active alignment times to a fraction of usual processes while maintaining the high accuracy in the sub micrometer regime. The integration of OptoSpin into a NanoWeld alignment and laser welding system leads to unparalleled performance with minimum weld shift and seam welding capability for coaxial devices, such as fibers, receptacles, lenses, diode lasers, and photo diodes.

nanosystec offers OptoSpin also in their NanoTest stations for the fast electrical and optical testing of Silicon Photonics.



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